Why 365mc Liposuction

At 365mc, we never compromise on customer satisfaction

Our commitment goes beyond the medical results; it’s about how our patients feel about their transformations. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of perfection, taking into account even the smallest detail of 0.01%. Our comprehensive satisfaction surveys after each liposuction procedure reflect this dedication to excellence and patient-centric focus

This month’s liposuction customer satisfaction score
(as of June 23)

Target │ 2023. 4. 1 ~ 2023. 4. 30 All surgical customers

Survey period │ 2023. 6. 1 ~ 2023. 6. 30

Response rate │ 59.9%

Liposuction Customer Satisfaction Score

Survey methodology

365mc Liposuction customer satisfaction rate is derived from the overall satisfaction scores concerning surgical results and services of patients who have undergone surgery for 2 months. This survey has been conducted since 2011, and from 2013, we have been transparently disclosing the results evaluated by the customers themselves on our website every month. As a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey participated in by all our surgical patients, 365mc uses it to quantify and objectify customer satisfaction scores, analyze satisfaction by detailed regions, operating surgeons, and centers, and continuously manage these long-term accumulated indices. It serves as a direct channel to listen to our customers’ voices, introducing various systems and services to ultimately contribute to the improvement of liposuction surgery satisfaction.


All customers at 2 months post-liposuction


Nationwide 365mc Liposuction Hospitals (Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, Incheon)

Survey content

Liposuction customer satisfaction survey (10-point scale / subjective answers) ① Overall satisfaction ② Satisfaction with surgical results / Service satisfaction ③ Reasons for each score ④ Willingness to recommend

Survey method

In-person survey by phone

Monthly liposuction customer satisfaction rate

Survey period (year/month)2023-012023-022023-032023-042023-052023-06
Response rate (%)57.6%58.6%56.6%60.1%61.8%59.9%

365mc only

Keys to Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for Liposuction

We guarantee with a groundbreaking confidence and responsibility for the results of liposuction surgery. We implement this guarantee with sincerity towards our customers.


Post-Liposuction Care Program

365mc’s exclusive after-care for liposuction is the most recommended!


Surgical Room Guardian Observation System

We operate a guardian observation system to transparently confirm the safety and thoroughness of the surgical process.


Dedicated Nutritionist Dietary Management

Through face-to-face counseling and recognition (perception drawing diet diary), we provide a diet and specific practical guidelines for weight management after surgery.


Exclusive Application for Liposuction Customers

We provide all necessary information for customers after surgery, from cautionary notes per post-operative period to aftercare schedule.


Customer Feedback Committee

We take in all customer feedback and innovatively apply improvements.


Secure Customer Satisfaction Call Center

In addition to the main number 1577-3653, we operate an emergency call center on the day of surgery and provide 1:1 tailored care through a dedicated KakaoTalk room for customers after surgery


Regular On-site Satisfaction Surveys

The Ultra Customer Satisfaction Center visits the field directly four times a year to listen to and reflect on customers’ voices.


Mobile Satisfaction Survey

Each time customers visit, a satisfaction survey is conducted through the membership app on every point of contact they experience.

Through face-to-face consultation and food diary (daily diet records), we provide diet and specific action plans for weight management after surgery.