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It’s not about the fat you take out

It’s about the fat that remains

“In liposuction, the quality of the outcome is not determined by the amount of fat removed, but by the amount that’s strategically left behind. Crafting a beautiful silhouette is about leaving just the right amount of fat and making meticulous surgical decisions. At , our innovative approach—developed over two decades of focusing solely on obesity treatments—results in truly exceptional outcomes.”

First, the success of a liposuction procedure isn’t determined by how much fat is removed, but rather, by how much fat is intentionally left behind.

“What’s the maximum amount you can remove?”

This is often the first question we hear from our patients before undergoing liposuction surgery. But, does the amount removed truly define a successful liposuction? Consider this – what if a substantial amount is extracted, yet a significant quantity remains? Then what?

In liposuction, the absolute amount of fat removed is not what’s important.

The amount removed

What if ‘A’ has removed more than ‘B’, but still has more left over?


The amount left

What if ‘A’ has removed more than ‘B’, but still has more left over?

Regardless of whether one has a lot or a little fat to begin with, the crucial factor after liposuction is the amount of fat that remains in the body. No matter the scenario, if the residual amount of fat after liposuction is minimized, anyone can achieve pleasing results.

At 365mc Hospital, our approach to liposuction is to leave ‘only the essential amount’ of fat.

Second, Our Focus on Liposuction Leads to a Superior Surgical Environment and System

“If a family member needed liposuction, which clinic would I recommend?”

This is the question we started with when considering our approach.

The answer is clear: a clinic specializing in liposuction, equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and surgical facilities. A clinic that’s verified and trusted by reliable institutions. At 365mc, we’ve made this vision a reality.

Our team has been able to foster unparalleled teamwork, allowing our surgeons to concentrate solely on performing liposuction procedures, while ensuring that our internal facilities meet global standards.

Our clinics in Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, and Incheon have all passed rigorous criteria to earn ‘hospital-grade’ status, ensuring a safe and dedicated environment for liposuction procedures. This focus on creating a safe and specialized surgical environment enables our surgeons to concentrate exclusively on liposuction during operations, ultimately enhancing the results of the procedure.”

Third, Expertise that Turns Complex Cases into Success Stories

We never back down from a challenge at 365mc

“I initially visited another clinic for a mini liposuction. However, due to the considerable amount of fat on my knees and thighs, they advised me that a mini-procedure might not be effective. They mentioned the liposuction on the knee area could be particularly difficult… They then recommended another clinic known for liposuction. They told me it was a specialized clinic with a strong track record and a reputation for safety… That clinic turned out to be 365mc, a name so respected that other clinics recommend us”

Review by patient Kang O. from our Seoul Clinic

At 365mc, we have an impressive number of patients referred to us from other clinics. Whether it’s sagging skin, uneven fat distribution, or any other challenges making liposuction complex, we’re not daunted.

We don’t just handle the easy cases at 365mc. We’re prepared to tackle even the most challenging cases that many doctors might shy away from. Through our exclusive focus on liposuction, we’ve developed deep and detailed expertise that allows us to strive for patient satisfaction, no matter how difficult the case. This steadfast commitment over the past 20 years to treating obesity and performing only liposuction is our driving force, enabling us to transform even the most challenging cases into successful outcomes.

Fourth, Begin Your Slimming Journey with Liposuction at 365mc Hospital

Think of liposuction as the initial step towards a healthy, aesthetic transformation.

Don’t be taken aback. At 365mc Hospital, liposuction is not a process that ends with the surgery itself.

Post-operative care is critical to a speedy recovery and achieving desirable outcomes. At 365mc Hospital, this extensive care is not an added luxury, but an essential part of the process.

For about six weeks following the surgery, our dedicated satisfaction team offers meticulous, tailored care programs. A significant number of our clients have reported being extremely pleased with the improved body contours they achieved.

Embark on your journey towards a beautifully sculpted figure with liposuction at 365mc Hospital, where we have honed our skills through two decades of specializing in obesity treatment.

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