Hospital Introduction

Focus on Obesity

With over 5 million cases, we have a singular focus on obesity, 365mc has been dedicated to this cause for 20 years, and our growth and progress show no signs of slowing down.

Total Number Of Obesity treatments

5,864,125 cases


Why aren’t there hospitals that focuse solely on obesity?

One question led to the creation of today’s 365mc. Our relentless dedication over the past 20 years to exclusively treating obesity has yielded fruitful outcomes, all made possible by the trust and support we’ve received from our numerous patients.

  • We’ve handled over 5 million remarkable cases of obesity treatment
  • Annually, we perform more than 30,000 overwhelming liposuction surgeries
  • There are about 200,000 success stories penned directly by our patients recounting their successful journey overcoming obesity
  • We have a robust network of obesity treatment facilities in 23 locations nationwide
  • The Korea Record Institute officially recognizes us as the hospital performing the most liposuction surgeries in South Korea
  • Leveraging our vast experience and know-how, we’ve published specialized books on LAMS, liposuction, and liposuction reoperation
  • We’re the proud recipient of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Award seven times over

365mc is taking yet another giant leap with the unveiling the launch of our Global 365mc Hospital a.k.a. – the’Fat Tower’. Our team of approximately 670 dedicated professionals, spread across the 365mc national network, has been laser-focused on obesity treatment. We’re proud to offer our advanced obesity treatments unique to 365mc, and we’re committed to giving our patients the confidence they deserve.


How can we improve obesity treatments?

On September 12, 2017, 365mc made a historic announcement in collaboration with Microsoft, marking the beginning of ‘Artificial Intelligence Liposuction.’ But how did 365mc manage to pioneer a new field integrating ‘Artificial Intelligence’ into liposuction surgery?

This was possible due to our relentless focus on treating obesity and our unwavering commitment to embracing change and accepting challenges.

  • We were selected as the host hospital for the Asian Fat Congress and conducted live liposuction surgeries
  • We initiated domestic and international academic research activities, including the establishment of an obesity research institute
  • We hosted international obesity medicine conferences
  • We filed patents relating to liposuction and obesity surgery
  • We developed our unique obesity treatments, LAMS (Lam’s) and Infinite Lam’s
  • For three consecutive years, we were introduced at the American AAAM Society, and invited to give a lecture on Infinite Lams at the AACS Society!
  • Our pioneering efforts in ‘Artificial Intelligence Liposuction’ have led to :
  • Being the first in South Korea’s medical sector to present at the Microsoft Inspire Conference in Las Vegas
  • Recognition as Microsoft’s ‘Asia’s Flagship AI Innovation Case’
  • Winning the Minister of Health and Welfare Award!

We dedicate ourselves daily to alleviate your worries with our expertise, striving to transform today’s victories into more advanced obesity treatments for tomorrow. 365mc is already preparing for a future where we set the benchmark for obesity treatments worldwide.


Can we increase the efficacy of obesity treatments?

Is the role of a hospital limited to just procedures and surgeries? 365mc firmly believes it extends beyond that. Just as individuals of the same height and weight can have different body compositions, obesity treatment should be based on accurate diagnoses and tests. This process must be paired with aftercare to enhance the effects of the surgery. Furthermore, obesity is different from cosmetic or aesthetic procedures. For lasting results post obesity treatment, every process should be scrutinized and executed from a perspective specifically tailored to obesity treatment.

  • Use of 3D imaging and ultrasound for precise obesity diagnoses
  • Creation of dedicated meal diaries and ‘My Home Chart’
  • Establishment of a dietary and nutrition counseling center exclusively for surgical patients, including dedicated dietary prescriptions
  • Implementation of post-management programs for liposuction patients
  • Launch of the world’s first app specifically designed for post-liposuction care
  • Initiation of the real-name system for anesthesia specialists
  • Deployment of a 24-hour AI-powered chatbot at the customer service center for continuous support

365mc provides a wide range of specialized obesity medical services. These span from surgical treatment to dietary therapy and behavior modification therapy. From the initial consultation to the home care that begins once patients leave our facility, our sole focus remains consistent – effective obesity treatment.


365mc: the future of gold standard of obesity treatment

Many often question, “Does an obesity treatment center, like 365mc, really need to maintain such high standards, despite not being a critical care hospital?”

Our focus at 365mc isn’t just about being recognized as one of the top-rated obesity treatment facilities domestically, or merely being the best in Asia. In our quest for “superior obesity treatment,” national borders become irrelevant. It’s essential that we continue to outperform the best through continuous innovation.

We firmly believe that to surpass what 365mc is today, we need to embrace a process of self-improvement and reform. Instead of adopting a generic, department-store approach to treatment, we strive to concentrate more on obesity and enhance our focus within its treatment. Our goal is to boost patient satisfaction through careful examination and segmentation of obesity treatments. This intense focus has led us to implement advanced anesthesia protocols and rigorous safety management. Moreover, we uphold the principle of ‘ultimate customer satisfaction,’ ensuring the voice of our patients is heard and respected.

We believe that the essence of ‘obesity’ treatment extends beyond merely altering physical appearance. It’s about creating a ‘happy turning point’ that can transform our patients’ lives, and subsequently, make the world a better place.

With the aid of big data and artificial intelligence, we are making innovative strides in global obesity treatment. As we endeavor to establish a global standard for obesity treatment that transcends the boundaries of South Korea, we at 365mc will continue to challenge ourselves. We strive towards a future where a day without obesity for all of humanity isn’t just a dream, but a reality.