Dietary Nutrition for Obesity

Is medical intervention such as liposuction or LAMS all that’s needed for obesity treatment?

While liposuction can dramatically reduce size in one procedure, the responsibility of maintaining your new figure falls squarely on you. Even if you transform into an ideal shape, resuming bad dietary habits like nutritional imbalance or overeating could lead to an increase in size, or possibly a return to obesity. Our everyday food choices and the habits we form impact our body shape and size every single day. This is why many people perceive liposuction as more than just a one-off cosmetic procedure.

At 365mc, we offer personalized dietary and nutritional consultation services for a comprehensive and professional approach to obesity treatment. Through one-on-one consultations with our professional clinical nutritionists, we guide you through effective weight management strategies, provide insights into proper dietary and nutritional habits, evaluate your dietary lifestyle through a food diary, and propose practical solutions that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Is there truly a ‘one-size-fits-all’ diet that works for everyone?

Every client comes with a unique set of circumstances: some work late into the night, some live alone, some live with a spouse who lovingly brings home late-night snacks every day, and some may have food allergies. There’s a wealth of diet information online, but often these diets call for uncommon ingredients and don’t accommodate for those who eat out regularly or don’t cook every day.

At 365mc’s nationwide Obesity Diet Nutrition Center, we begin our professional consultation by understanding your lifestyle, sleep patterns, daily diet, hydration levels, eating speed, and overall dietary habits. Based on this, we provide a ‘diet prescription’ that includes a personalized diet, hydration intake, and exercise regimen. We don’t distribute a one-size-fits-all diet plan. If previous attempts have been unsuccessful, it’s not that you failed to follow the diet, but that the diet was impractical. At 365mc, we believe in real dietary prescriptions that you can apply and adapt to, not merely theoretical advice.

I’m a noodle lover, so I found a great substitute in konjac noodles. Konjac noodles are low in calories and high in water and dietary fiber. I enjoyed them in salads or mixed with eggs and tuna.

-Seoul Hospital customer: LeeYeon

Having eggs all the time started to get monotonous, but having a dietitian really helped. I didn’t even know that tuna was so protein-rich;;;;

– Daejeon Center customer: SonHye,

I couldn’t give up bread so easily since I love it, but just the thought of someone reviewing my diet weekly motivated me to change the type and amount of bread I consumed. Especially the sandwiches recommended by the dietitian!!! They were packed with veggies and yet included the bread I love!!! For me, it was the perfect food!!! I found my diet enjoyable thanks to these sandwiches.

-Seoul Hospital customer: SeoWon

After taking a leave of absence from college, my nights and days switched as I started working the night shift at a convenience store. I wasn’t eating balanced meals, just filling up on instant noodles and snack foods. My dietitian helped me tremendously by recommending healthier options I could find at the convenience store! For example, brown rice cakes, smoked eggs, and soy milk, making use of ready-to-eat meals at the convenience store (with portion control on the rice), pairing a wrap with milk or soy milk, or having a banana with low-fat milk. She categorized these into dinner, late-night snack, and breakfast options. She helped me understand what to eat, so now I have a well-rounded diet without the constant worry of what to eat next! Honestly, it’s often hard to eat right after waking up, but every time I feel this way, I always think of my dietitian and make sure to have at least a glass of soy milk before I start my day! ^^ Losing 12kg in 3 months felt like flying in the sky!

– Customer at Global 365mc Hospital: Sejeong

Wouldn’t it be great if forming healthier habits could be a more straightforward process?

The treatment of obesity isn’t about theories; it’s about actions, which is why behavior modification therapy is so crucial. Since 2014, the 365mc Obesity Diet and Nutrition Center has been pioneering a Diet and Nutrition Committee made up of family medicine experts and clinical dietitians from across the country. Through regular bi-weekly meetings, we develop a variety of behavior modification strategies. We’re always testing these strategies for their ease of implementation, their long-term sustainability, and their potential for habit formation for our clients. We constantly improve and refine these strategies, taking our clients’ feedback into account.

In keeping with the digital age, we have introduced remote nutritional counseling to continually monitor the dietary habits of our clients who may not be able to visit the clinic. We’ve also designed an app for maintaining a food diary, a principal behavior modification tool, optimized for treating obesity. The app provides a smart, tech-enabled service that allows for easy entry, storage, and analysis of data from anywhere.

Honestly, it might seem surprising, but I’m a dietitian myself… So you can imagine how nervous I was when I had my dietary consultation. There was this guilt, knowing the right choices but failing to follow them.

I always thought I was not overeating, yet I seemed to gain weight. However, when I started maintaining my food diary, I saw the issues. I was overconsuming carbohydrates, not drinking enough water, among other things… After getting advice from the dietitian and receiving a simplified diet plan via text, I started controlling my diet. My routine involved sweet potato and milk for breakfast, half portion meals for lunch, and dinner included chicken breast salad with oriental dressing or grilled tofu with mushrooms. Alongside my diet, I also engaged in exercise for over an hour and a half each day, and ensured to consume 2 liters of water. To my surprise, the stubborn weight that refused to shift, started dropping…

With these changes, I lost about 10 kg in just 2 months… Out of that, approximately 9 kg was body fat, which is a significant victory. Keeping a food diary and reflecting on my progress filled me with a sense of achievement.

– Global 365mc Hospital Client: Kim

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if forming healthier habits were easier?

The 365mc Obesity Diet and Nutrition Center is a treasure trove of specialized knowledge and experience, with over four million cases of obesity treatments and dietary consultations to our name. We actively disseminate this expertise through numerous academic research initiatives and educational outreach programs. We’re also the proud publishers of a unique diet and nutrition book titled “Eat Happily and Lose 10kg”, an essential guide that emphasizes behavior modification techniques for weight management.

In addition, we publish monthly guidelines for healthy eating habits and operate a dietary nutrition column to provide useful insights and practical tips. Given the crucial role that healthy eating habits play in obesity treatment, we offer specially tailored dietary counseling services to clients who’ve undergone liposuction surgery at other institutions and are finding it challenging to manage their weight or adhere to a specific dietary regimen.

Beyond that, we regularly host seminars aimed at fostering healthier eating habits, including diet workshops following college entrance exams, child obesity special lectures, and postpartum obesity talks. As part of our educational initiative, we collaborate with universities to offer real-world training for budding diet counselors. We also contribute expert answers to nutrition-related inquiries on platforms like Naver Knowledge IN and run diet recipe contests. All these efforts are geared towards nurturing a global culture of healthy and effective dieting by sharing the wisdom we’ve amassed here at 365mc.

365mc Obesity and Dietary Nutrition Center takes a look at our daily eating habits and supports them so that they can change.

Our nationwide team of professional dietary nutritionists, the development of our unique meal diary app, and our ceaseless investment in research and improvement are all possible due to our singular focus and dedication to addressing obesity. This is the distinct advantage of 365mc.